May 4, 2012

MuseRuole women in experimental music: Interview with Carol Robinson

Kunigunde Weissenegger

Heute Abend also erster Abend für MuseRuole women in experimental music mit Helena Gough, Magda Mayas sowie The Secretaries (Felicity Mangan, WJM, JD Zazie). Und morgen der zweite Abend mit einer der Pionierinnen der elektronischen Musik, Éliane Radigue. Sie kommt zusammen mit den zwei Musikerinnen Julia Eckhardt an der Geige und Carol Robinson an der Birbyne (litauisches Blasinstrument) nach Bozen in die Halle -1 im Museion und bringt ganze drei Weltpremieren mit:  Occam III, Occam IV, Occam River. Es freut uns, dass wir eine der beiden Musikerinnen, die vielseitige Carol Robinson, unter vielem anderen Komponistin und Klarinettistin, während ihrer Tournee für ein kurzes Interview stellen konnten:

Carol Robinson, how did you come to experimental music? Was it a coincidence or a need?

I have always been interested in unusual sounds and sound combinations. Curiosity, experimentation and creation go hand in hand. I can’t imagine a musical life without experimentation. It is definitely a need.

What does improvisation mean to you?

Being in the moment and the precise energy of that moment. Responding to total surroundings with everything that makes up personal experience and expression.

You have a multifaceted musical life. What’s the most exciting thing of being composer and clarinetist, collaborating with choreographers, video and photography artists, writing? What collaboration do you remember especially? 

Finding those instants of perfection, harmony, balance and grace. As a clarinetist, the oneness with the sound. Each collaboration has its trials and beauty. There have been so many rewarding exchanges…

How do you see the role of women in music – specially in experimental music? Is it still hard or do you see changes? What would be new ways? Your suggests for young new artists?

As women are becoming more familiar and visible in all areas of society, it is only normal that they become more present in experimental music. That said, it is still hard. The ratio of men to women becomes less and less equal the more creative the undertaking. Is it a question of stamina? Of alliances? Technology generally remains dominated by men, but it is no longer unusual to see women doing interesting things, making interesting propositions. As ever, young (and older!) artists need to persevere, find and develop their own voice…

4. Mai 2012, H 21 Museion Hall -1
Helena Gough (UK) laptop
Magda Mayas (DE) piano
The Secretaries: Felicity Mangan, WJM, JD Zazie (IT/AUS/DE) found sounds, electronics

5. Mai 2012, H 21 Museion Hall -1
Éliane Radigue (FR)
World Premiere: Occam III, Occam IV, Occam River
Julia Eckhardt viola + Carol Robinson birbyne

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