May 29, 2021

La Banda dei Bandi: Metabolic Art Criticism Writing Workshop by Rosalyn D’Mello


Join us for an intensive writing workshop with the author and art critic Rosalyn D’Mello. For three days, we sequester us away and spend our days in the garden of the Blumenhotel Angerburg and our nights in the artist residency Eau&Gaz

The course proposes an immersive, performative methodology focused on (re)building one’s capacity for radical sensual attentiveness. By reading together, eating communally, and privileging our multiple subjectivities through carefully designed exercises, this course will help participants to better situate their ‘gaze’, thus enabling them to generate art criticism through the locus of the self and its relational ecologies.
What will happen?
The course begins at least a week before we are to physically meet. A questionnaire and reading assignment will be sent out to all participants, which must be completed before we meet in Eppan.
Over the three days in the garden, the workshop will involve a series of exercises, readings, and discussions, that will re-examine many of our existing ideas, opinions, and biases around our understanding of contemporary art and our critical practices. These will be guided by the moderator—Rosalyn. 
The preparing of our meals and eating together will constitute an important part of the course, especially within the paradigm of the metabolic.  Participants will be asked before the course about their food preferences, and their various strengths in the kitchen, and we will rely on these intelligences to conduct kitchen discourses. We will also be reflecting upon the conceptual dynamics of the table; how the table serves as a metaphor for systems of inclusion and exclusion.

Writing Workshop ​with Rosalyn D’Mello
Angerburg Blumenhotel, Unteralberstraße/Via dell’Olmo 16, 39057 Eppan/Appiano, Italy

​11–13 June 2021, Fri–Sun: 9.00–16.00
max. 8 participants, age >16
course language: English

student discount 30%
incl. lunch & communal cooking

reservation until 31.05.21
320 426 8178

Please enroll before the end of May. We will provide you with a reader ten days before the workshop starts.  There are possibilities to spend the night in the residence. Just write us and reserve the spot for you!
Find out more!
You don’t know Rosalyn? Here you find many of her writing. Enjoy reading:

Photo: Rosalyn D’Mello


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