May 10, 2018

La Banda dei Bandi: 36EXP – call for exposed, unprocessed roll films


What could you tell by means of 36 images, and how would you do it? What would you photograph, if you only had 36 snapshots available? 
36EXP is the first competition dedicated to roll films.
You may photograph all you want, tell about your day, your city, one of your trips, what you see on the streets. You may create a reportage. You may take abstract photos. All genres are allowed.
All is required is an analog camera and a 36 exposure film (B/W or color).
You must use all the exposures. You won’t be allowed to see the final result: no play or erase buttons, and no editing.
All you photograph will constitute the material with which you will participate in 36EXP.

More info:

Photo: Analogica


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