December 22, 2016

La Banda dei Bandi: SMACH.2017 Constellation of art, culture & history in the Dolomites


This is the third edition of SMACH, an open space exhibition in the Dolomites that goes from July 1st until September 9th, 2017. It starts with an international art competition. Afterwards, the selected artists are going to place their artworks in ten different localities of historical and cultural importance in the municipality of San Martin de Tor and Mareo.
The artworks are meant to arouse the interest in art and to enhance the Dolomites area, where the works have been located. Through the connection between art and nature SMACH wants to support the acquaintance of historical, cultural and traditional aspects of San Martin de Tor. Visitors will also be emotionally involved through a prolific combination of extraordinary nature, local architecture style and innovative art.
“CONTRAST” is this year’s theme of SMACH. The etymology of the word contrast is tied to the verb to contrast and can be interpreted in various ways. In its most negative sense, the word refers to disagreement, argument, irreconcilability and dispute. In a figurative sense it can allude to a contrast or difference in colour, sound or again, a conflict of passions, reason and sentiment between dream and reality. Contrast also exists in literature, medicine and sport, and, finally, as a strictly technical term.

SMACH avails itself of the binomial “art and nature”, where the latter acts as a place for artistic actions, designed and conceived specifically for the various sites; despite the intertwining, integration of the work of art in nature, a contrast is always created between human intervention and the natural evolution implicit in the environment.

Deadline: 19 March 2017.

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