October 14, 2016

The Slow Show: “silence is the loudest noise you can possibly have in music”

Text Nadja Röggla
Photography Mirja Kofler
Rob Goodwin wollte eigentlich nicht Sänger werden. Erst nach der verzweifelten und schlussendlich vergeblichen Suche nach einer Alternative erklärte sich  der Frontman der Band The Slow Show dazu bereit, seine geschriebenen Texte auch selbst vorzutragen. Das erstaunt – denn es ist mitunter Robs außergewöhnliche Stimme, welche die Band aus Manchester so besonders macht. Dazu kommen dann noch das emotionale Songwriting und spannende Kooperationen (wie beispielsweise mit Cantus Domus oder dem stargaze orchestra).
Auch das Kaltern Pop Festival ist den Fünf nicht mehr ganz unbekannt: Bereits im letzten Jahr kreierten The Slow Show mit ihrer Performance einen kleinen melancholischen Mikrokosmos – jene, die da waren, stellten ihre Handys auf lautlos und lauschten gebannt den lauten und auch sehr leisen Momenten auf der Bühne.
Jetzt gibt’s ein neues Album und eine zweite Chance für alle anderen: Am Freitag, 14. Oktober spielen The Slow Show um 20 Uhr nämlich anlässlich des 2. Kaltern Pop Festivals im Vereinshaus Kaltern.  Ein Grund mehr, uns die Band endlich mal vor’s Mikro zu holen.

How would you describe The Slow Show to someone who never heard about you?

That’s always a difficult task. Maybe something along the lines of cinematic rock with a touch of Americana and plenty of understated emotion.

Is it better to take things slow? How do you slow down in your ordinary life?
A lot of times yes. When life allows it. Especially in terms of allowing yourself to take in the moment. It’s hard in our hectic schedule but a good long game of chess is a good way to slow time down. A characteristic of The Slow Show are the spellbinding emotional and introspective lyrics. Rob, you as the songwriter and singer of the band, how do you feel showing and sharing these very personal things on stage?
It’s not always easy, I have to admit. I tend to really get in to the songs and the story behind them when I perform. But it also helps me to enjoy the show emotionally. I rather believe in what I sing about than going through the motions.
Would you describe songwriting as a kind of a therapy?
I guess it is. It can help at the time of writing and in years to come the songs also act as a sort of diary of how you felt at the time.

Recently you released your new Album “Dream Darling”. How does it compare with “White Water”?

To us it feels less dark than White Water. Even though the themes can be seen as sad, mainly heartbreak and loss, the emphasis is on change, and mostly change for something better. Some songs feel more euphoric and cathartic to us than sad. 

During the origination process of ‘Dream Darling‘ some of you went through different changes. Would you say that instability and the lack security were source of inspiration?

Certainly. It’s been an eventful year for most of us. I wouldn’t say it resulted in insecurity. It is more a sense that we feel we’ve aged quite a lot in a short space of time, we feel more emotionally mature. But as a result we are more determined and perhaps experienced to turn things around and into something positive.

Rob once you said  “Silence is the loudest noise you can possibly have in music”. Why do you think it is important to create quiet moments during a concert?

Silence is very powerful. It creates anticipation, it draws the listener in. I think it makes the listener pay more attention as there are less distractions. It makes us feel like everyone is involved and almost on stage with us.

You played already on the Kaltern Pop Festival in 2015. How did you experience it? Do you like concerts with a small audience?  

The setting is incredible. It’s a beautiful town in dramatic surroundings. We were lucky as we were able to spend almost three days in Kaltern. It was a welcome change from the hectic and rushed schedule we usually have on tour and at summer festivals.
With smaller audiences we like the fact that we’re much closer to them. It’s great to be more aware of how the audience experiences our show.

Photo: Mirja Kofler Photography for franzmagazine


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