June 14, 2016

La Banda dei Bandi: Rimusicazioni Film Festival 2016 – call for participation

HK17. Rimusicazioni Film Festival 2016. An international competition to compose and create a soundtrack to silent films of the silent movie era.
1 – The Harlock Cultural Association announces the seventeenth edition of the Rimusicazioni International Film Festival competition. The competition consists of creating and cutting a new soundtrack for a silent movie of the silent film era. This initiative aims at promoting new creative relationships between sound and film images, to give emerging composers the chance to present their works and rediscover and reevaluate international cinematography until 1930.
2 – Deadline for the entries: August 31th, 2016.
3 – The festival will take place at the VIDEODROME hall and at another venue in Bolzano between the end of November and the beginning of December 2016. All details concerning dates and locations will be posted on the Festival’s official website at
4 – Films participating in the competition will go through a first selection (pre-selection) by the festival artistic committee that will evaluate both technical and basic artistic qualities. The works that pass the pre-selection will be evaluated by two final juries. Juries’ decisions are final.
5 – Prizes:
a – Jury awards The works admitted to the competition finals will be evaluated by two juries: the first one made up of experts, the second one of former festival participants (authors). Each jury is called upon to select a winner. 1 – Experts Prize € 1,000 2 – Authors Prize € 1,000
nb: If the juries cannot decide the winners, prices may not be awarded. In the case of joint victory, the cash price will be shared. The prize can be assigned to competition entries of any length and cut in any musical genre, even if not original.
b – The Harlock Prize: Harlock will provide some silent films for which it holds distribution rights in Italy. The winning soundtracks in this section will be published on DVD in multiple soundtrack format in the course of 2017. Only original soundtracks with be considered for this section of the competition. The suggested films are made available to competitors and can be viewed and downloaded from our website at Each winner in this section will receive 10 free copies of the DVD with the musical work. The Festival will retain the right to use the remaining copies for its promotional activities. Other prizes are under consideration and will be made public on the festival’s website and through its mailing list.
6 – The Harlock Prize can be combined with the money prizes.
7 – The awarding of the Harlock Prize is the exclusive competence of the Festival artistic committee.
8 – The awarding of the prize requires that the winners or their delegates attend the prize giving evening. Alternatively, requests can be made for the admission of a video message (a short, self-produced statement in digital format about the original film and the participation at the festival) or a video/audio conference call, if technically possible.
9 – The results of the competition will be published on local and national press and on the Festival website. 10 – The works submitted to the competition will not be returned and will be stored in the archives of the Biblioteca del Cinema of Cineforum Bolzano and used exclusively for the Festival’s institutional purposes.
a – Entry to the competition is free. Each composer may submit up to 3 works.
b – The deadline for submission of works is August 31, 2016. That means that the works must arrive at the Festival not later than this date. After receiving the works, the Festival will acknowledge receipt to competitors by email.
c – The competition is open to composers, musicians, sound designers, sound engineers, cutters, filmmakers and performers, professionals without prejudice to nationality and/or age.
d – All admitted films and cartoons must pertain to the SILENT FILM ERA regardless of genre, and duration. Any changes in mounting the films are prohibited, except for replacing captions in the case of subtitled films. Any length and any kind of soundtrack are accepted. In accordance to the Festival’s intents, either original or non- original works are allowed. Works can either be philological or ironic and desecrating. Particular stylistic philological criteria or adherence to the compositional practices of the silent period will not be considered in the evaluation of the works, thereby allowing the authors the broadest creative and conceptual freedom.
e – To participate in the competition entries have to be submitted in 1 copy on DVD or Blu-Ray recorded at max 2x speed and 1 copy in “data” format: avi, mov, mp4, etc. encoded at the highest definition possible. The works must be accompanied by the registration form available online at the Festival’s website. The registration form must be printed, completed, signed and sent along with any other documentary material. The author must pay shipping expenses for the submission. The screenings take place exclusively in video with the data sent by the competitor at the time of submission.
f – Entries must be sent to: Rimusicazioni Film Festival c/o Cineforum Bolzano Via Roen, 6 39100 Bolzano – Italy using Poste Italiane’ postal service for deliveries from Italy, or using a courier service. Together with the completed and signed registration form, competitors must email their pictures and a picture from the movie (as least 150dpi).
a – In respecting the privacy law (Italian Law 196/2003), Harlock does not give personal information on the festival entrants to a third party.
b – All finalist authors are invited to Bolzano to take part in the screening of the selected works. The entrant together with two companions can enter for free. The Festival organization may inform participants of possible agreements with hotels and/or restaurants for board and lodging expenses.
c – Harlock takes the responsibility of informing the entrants well in advance of any use of their works (also when repeatedly broadcast on TV) as well as guaranteeing the work security against commercial exploitation, without first obtaining the author’s permission.
d – Harlock is also committed to full and clear communication in providing information to the participants. Whenever possible, it always provides regular and timely information to the participants.
e – The Festival Management reserves the right to change part of these application procedures following changes published on the Festival official website. The festival is organized by: Harlock Cultural Association, via Claudia Augusta, 4 – 39100 Bolzano – Italy tel.: ++39 0471 0471 420 156 tel./fax. ++39 0471 26 63 94 Info: email:
Chairman of the Association: Andreas Perugini Artistic Directors: Tiziano Popoli, Guglielmo Papa
Partners: Cineforum Bolzano Cinematek Bruxelles Museo Nazionale del Cinema – Torino AECME Association des Enseignants de la Composition en Musique Electroacoustique – France Festival Le Son MiRé – Fabrezan – France Sponsors & Contributors: Council for Italian Culture of the Province of Bolzano Council for Culture of the City of Bolzano Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano Foundation Region Trentino Alto-Adige Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano Regione Trentino-Alto Adige


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