June 2, 2016

Between positivity, ice creams, music and passion: here comes Graham Candy

Claudia Gelati
Graham Candy will be playing on Friday 3rd of May 2016 in Merano, during the final of UploadSounds.

Who actually is this guy with dark brown eyes, full of life? Graham Candy was born in New Zeland and he has always loved music. This could be the story of everyone else, but the difference lies in the fact that Graham never stopped dreaming, or rather, he never ceased to shape his own dreams, step by step, with passion and sacrifice. That’s why he moved to Germany where he met Alle Farben, a young German dj who channelled Graham’s voice and personality into the song “She Moves” … and the rest is history. His first baby called “Plan A” was released in May. Let’s discover a bit more about him and his projects in this funny interview!

Your debut album “Plan A” was recently released on May 6th and your summer will be full of gigs. How do you feel about this?

It’s an amazing feeling to have released my first album, my first baby I call it and I am super interested to see where it will run! We have just completed our first tour with a band called Silbermond, and it’s incredible to now take the music I have been writing for so long, live to the people!

The title of your album, “Plan A”, has a very positive connotation considering the fact that, nowadays, it’s not exactly easy to fulfill our dreams or simply to be happy. Is this due to your past experiences and your thoughts about life and so on? Is there also a message you wish to share with the listeners of your nice new album?

Well, I guess it depends on what makes you happy and what your “dreams” are. I don’t like calling them dreams so much as I would rather just ask someone “What do you want?” instead of “What’s your dream?” as it makes it more real and not seem like some distant magical land. “Plan A” is the title of my album because this is the thing I have been doing my whole life! Performing, creating and sharing. I have, ever since I could remember been doing this and never though about something else. There are so many things shouted at you of what you should do, or buy or want and they are so loud that you might not hear the whispers from inside of your love and passion.

Following from the previous question, I saw the video of your single “Back into it” and found its setting really interesting, innovative even, because it is concerned with our desire to see our dreams come true and with the fact, which I always remind myself, that if you want to do something you really have to work hard for it with passion, perseveration and courage. Life is, for sure, not easy. Can you say something also about this?

Well, “Back into it” is the backbone of the album, you can have great, passion, talent and in some cases, good fortune but that only takes you so far. After that it’s hard work, sacrifice and challenges. I could talk about this for a long time but honestly, if you want to get something, you have to get it yourself and sometimes your are going to have to work for it. I have a great team behind me and that’s fortunate, but after a bit of success it doesn’t get easier; it gets harder, because it is a privilege to be doing what I am doing and to stay here in this position these days you can’t drop the ball. 

Your roots are in New Zealand, but in 2013 you moved to Berlin where everything started. What prompted you to undertake this kind of journey? Tell us something about you and your music, before and after the big success you gained thanks to the hit “She Moves” by the German dj Alle Farben.

Well, I think I was at a stalemate in New Zealand. I wasn’t fulfilling my potential and it’s so easy to get into a chilled trance in New Zealand and stay undriven. I wasn’t the person I knew I could be and I though a drastic move to a different culture, to a city that’s thriving with a music industry and opportunity might just give the kick up my ass that I needed. In New Zealand I was being a pirate for kids parties, teaching the Asian community dancing and playing covers in small pubs to get by. It doesn’t sound so romantic but I was still doing what I loved! But, I needed to break away and give myself a challenge to see how far I can take this as you can get so easily isolated in New Zealand. In Germany it pretty much started straight away with the collar with Alle Farben and well, after that it’s been all go! 

How can you define your music genre and what are your main influences?

I would say it’s just pop! Haha, I mean I could say… indie folk, rock, reggae, alternative, singer songwriter, dance, electronic and so on but it’s music for the mass, so it’s easier to say POP! : – ) My main influence and this might sound like I’m drinking my own bath water here, but it’s myself. I just wanted to be super straight up, vulnerable and honest. Just to look into my raw emotion or take true events and stories to put into my music! Musically I have always looked at Damien Rice with his melancholic style!

Many times in the history of music it happened that artists had a favourite song on their mind, which they wished they had written themselves. What is your song?

Well, hmmmmmmm, ooh that could get hard to think too much about that! But ATM I would say “Lost in Light” by the BAHAMAS is just super my jam everyday ATM!

One last thing … You’re going to play here in South Tyrol for the final of UploadSounds, which gives the possibility to young musicians to promote their music and to hopefully fulfill their dreams. I think you’re the best example and the best guest they could have invited to the final, because your “music-dream” actually came true. What would you like to say to these young artists in regards to their dreams and music?

Wow, That means a lot to me! Thank you so much!!! I would say mostly, be yourself, take advice from people in the field, guidance and support from your family and friends and listen to the small whispers coming from within! And go kick some ass!

Please, say Hi to franzmagazine’s readers!

Hey guys, it’s Graham Candy here! Firstly you guys are awesome for reading and supporting music and art and I salute you and secondly I will buy you ice cream if we ever meet one day because of this! 


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