August 21, 2015

The Majority Says from Sweden talks

Anna Luther

Beim einzigartig coolen Festival Wiesenrock 2015 in Wattens in Nordtirol trat unter anderem die schwedische Band The Majority Says auf: Der äußerst musikalische, bunte Haufen spielt Indie Pop – gut für lange Busfahrten oder Spaziergänge und auch durchaus tanzbar. 
Seit 2011 waren TMS vor allem in Schweden und Deutschland, aber auch in den USA, Luxemburg und in Österreich live zu sehen. Einige ihrer Songs wurden in amerikanischen TV-Serien verwendet. Ihr Song “Kings oft the Night” war der Soundtrack der neuen Frühlingskollektion von Houghton NYC 2013. Nach dem Wiesenrock-Auftritt sitzen sie gut gelaunt im Klassenzimmer der Hauptschule in Wattens, die für’s Festival zum Backstage umfunktioniert wurde, und geben ein Interview.The Majority Says

Why this name – “The Majority Says” – for your band? 

It’s a good question. We don’t know really, I guess. One of us came up with the name, basically, because it sounds good. It’s like as you give a name to a baby, Anna, Rebekka, Axel, Jonathan, The Majority Says… If people think that it has meaning then it’s good for them.  

How long do you exist as a band? 

This is the fifth year we play together.

You’re quite a lot of members. Is it difficult to rehearse together?

We’ve been rehearsing for four years almost every day, but then we decided to just play it out. It’s just like when you finish school: you studied for nine years or whatever and then you can start living your life. If we are on tour, we maybe meet to rehearse a couple of days before. In the city we also have an apartment next to the slaughter where we keep all of our instruments and sometimes we rehearse there. In this place we also started one of the biggest indie underground clubs that you can find in our hometown, the Buddha Club. The Buddha Club takes place only once or twice a year, because we want it to be private, it’s very special. In there you can’t wear your shoes, it’s a place where you can chill, we make music or you can also sleep; sometimes we have only chill evenings in which we talk and discuss.Do you share the same philosophy?  

No, that’s the point. 

Is it your first time at Wiesenrock? 

Yeah, it is. It’s our second time in Austria, we played in 2014 at B72 in Vienna. 

What do you think about this festival? 

It’s very cozy! – I think this festival is experimental, because it’s in a school and I’ve never seen so many people smoking pot in a school. 

Are you working on new songs at the moment? 

Yes, we’re finding ourselves right now. We’re trying to find a new sound with the band and it’s a period of discovery for us, I guess. It’s a great exciting time and our show tonight was the last one this year. Then we go to our studio, travel and hear old music to find new inspirations. The old ones made music, because they wanted it and they weren’t trying to get on the radio. 


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