June 20, 2015

Composer Klara Lewis: addicted to deconstruction + recontextualization

Kunigunde Weissenegger

“I am a Swedish composer born 1993. My critically acclaimed debut album Ett was released by Viennese record label Editions Mego in 2014. In november the same year my Msuic EP was released by Swedish producer Peder Mannerfelt.” – written on her website by clicking the ABOUT button. Currently she’s collaborating with Simon Fisher Turner and Rainier Lericolais on a series of live performances of the new soundtrack to Walter Ruttmans classic 1927 silent film Berlin: Die Sinfonie der GroßstadtActually Klara Lewis is not only an audio, but also a video composer and producer as well. Her compositional interest is focused on deconstruction and recontextualization – she’s an explorer and researcher of electronics, rhythms, sounds, fields and atmospheres. Saturday 20th June she has a show at Heart of Noise Festival 2015. [also on Sónar, Imago, Norberg, Contra Pop, Incubate and many more] Let’s have some chit chat with the extraordinary soundscapengineer. 

What are the most important instruments and skills for you as an composer? 

My most important instruments are my portable recording machines and Logic (the software) and my skill is to really listen and to follow the sounds.

How do you differ, for example, from Beethoven or Tschaikowsky?

I just use another technique. Like them I am a composer, using sound to evoke emotions and create atmospheres.Are you interested in special topics? What do you involve in your works?

Musically tone and texture are key elements for me. I enjoy making something new out of already existing material, this is why I work with found sounds and sampling. Recontextualizing is inspiring. Feminism, humor and beats are also part of my work. 

What should we expect from your performance at Heart of Noise Festival? 

Somebody wrote that they thought my music sounds like deconstructed techno – which I think is a pretty good description! I will perform material from my album ”Ett”, my EP ”msuic” and new unreleased work. I will be using video projections that I have made together with Hampus Högberg. 


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