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July 28, 2014

La Banda dei Bandi: BikeKabaret – register now!

Register for the first BikeKabaret Wien–Graz–Innsbruck 4th–17th of August 2014. An international group of filmmakers taking up the challenge to bike through entire austria while shooting movies.

Registration for the first BikeKabaret (ever) is online now to get your shiny asses on an adventure through Austria!
As you might have heard, we will make a roadtrip on bicycles, but for the lazy ones there are city stops in between to relax, edit and screen your movies.
You won’t starve: we have a catering bus to drive along. 
You won’t collapse: There’s another  car transporting your film gear and heavy camping stuff.
Register now and scroll down to find detailed info on the tour!
We can’t wait to sweat with you!
Love, The kino5 crew

Dates: The BikeKabaret takes place from the 4th–17th of August 2014

Get in contact and rub ellbows: 3rd in the evening @  kino5 lab
Take-Off by bikes: Sunday: Monday 4th  9 AM

Production Meeting: Wednesday 6th ~ 7 PM
Screening: Friday 8th evening
Take-Off by train: Saturday 9th – Arrival in Hallstadt, continue by bike

Day-Off @ lake Speicher Durlaßboden: 

Tuesday 12th
Production Meeting: Thursday 14th ~7 PM
Screening: Saturday 16th evening
Take-Off & Goodbye: Sunday 17th  

Participation fee: for the BikeKabaret covers: train ticket (Graz-Hallstatt), breakfast, dinner, camping fees, kinolabs, cinema, kino5 equipment and equipment transportation.

A train ticket from Innsbruck back to Vienna is not included.

1. Session Vienna – Graz, 5 days           40 €
Only Graz, 2 days                                   15 €
2. Session Graz – Innsbruck, 8 days       60 €
Only Innsbruck, 2 days                           15 €
The whole tour, 13 days                     100 €

Challenge: It is an experiment for us as well, so we would ask you to do your own research on how your bike should function regarding on your physical condition and endurance.

We try to organise as much as possible, but to make this trip as a whole group we are depending on your initiative.

Workshops: In collaboration with the Bike Kitchen Vienna you will have the possibility to participate in workshops to pimp your bike for the tour. There will be a general workshop for bike repairing and adjusting plus a workshop to build proper bike bags, if you don’t have the luxury of owning a pair. The workshops will take place in the week before the kabaret (last week of july). We are still arranging the precise dates and will update you on that soon. 

Luggage: take only what you can carry on your bike. We only take your tents and film equipment in the cars. Clothes and personal stuff has to be transported by you. Think about tying everything to your bike, bike bags on your rack, or bike trailers. Its a pain in the ass to carry stuff on your back. We suggest you to not take more than 10kg with you. 

Checklist: (some suggestions what to bring for the trip)

on your bike:
- a bike with good gearshift
- (bag) rack
- dust shield
- comfortable saddle
- bike gloves for better grip
- cycling shorts (or a cushion on the saddle to avoid pain in the ass)
- water bottles (min. 2 litres)
- bike lights
- rain jacket / poncho 

for camping:
- tent
- sleeping bag
- cup + plate ( plastic)
- flashlight / lamp
- one pair of warm clothes for the nights in  the  mountains
- swimsuit for lake stops

Click for more infos

Image: Copyright © 2014 kino5, All rights reserved.


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