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August 20, 2012

Willkommen im Hotel Amazonas, Piotr Piskozub


Wer ist Piotr Piskozub aus Polen und was hat er im Hotel Amazonas vor?

Born 15.10.1987 in Szczecinek, Poland. From Kalisz, Poland. MFA Graduate of Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, 2012. Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium

“My way of working would be easiest described as “on the spot”, meaning, I do not plant in a ready made idea but rather contemplate the location and situation and create within.
I work with physical and mental sculpture, where the physical is visual, fixed work within the space of the location and the mental is event oriented.
I do not use anything that is external to the situation or location as inspiration, only my internal creative source merged with specific moment.
Very important aspect of my practice is a connection between me and a viewer or collector when I can see the “afterlife” of an artwork, how the person reacts to it and what kind of relation is being created between the artwork and the viewer.

My plans for the residency: What I would expect from my stay at Hotel Amazonas would be few days of transcending the location and atmosphere and react to it by creating site specific editions of objects that could be taken out of context and extend the environment. At the same time I want to avoid a fixed plan and give myself a space for improvisation.”

Hotel Amazonas ist eine temporäre einmonatige KünstlerInnen-Residenz, installiert auf dem Aspmayr-Hof in Wangen am Ritten in Südtirol. Der ehemalige Bauern- und Gasthof wird ab Montag, 6. für den gesamten August umfunktioniert und zum Unterschlupf für Kunstschaffende und -forschende – parallel zur Residenz werden wir sie und ihre Arbeit in den kommenden Wochen auf Franz vorstellen. Zum Residenz-Tagebuch geht’s hier:


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